NDSL Non-Fiction Grant

Max Community Library was awarded North Dakota State Library Collection Development Grant in November 2017. The Library has purchased both adult and children’s nonfiction books for the library collection and they are ready to be circulated.

Adult Non-Fiction  New Titles

  • Clean My Space/ Melissa Maker
  • Complete Book of Clean/ Toni Hammersley
  • World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures/ Aaron Mahnke
  • Truevine/ Beth Macy
  • I Know Why the Cage Bird Sing/Maya Angelou
  • Diary of A Young Girl/ Anne Frank
  • The Knot: The Complete Guide to Weeding’s/Carley Roney
  • Uber Origami/ Duy Nguyen
  • Instant Pot Miracle/ Authorized by Instant Pot
  • Ultimate Diabetes/ Cookbook
  • Woodwork: Step by Step/ DK Publishing
  • Your Health What Works, What Doesn’t/ Readers Digest
  • Coconut Oil Cure/ Cookbook
  • Human Body: An Illustrated guide/ Professor Pete Abrahams
  • Dodge City: Wyatt Earp/ Tom Clavin
  • You are a Badass at Making Money/ Jen Sinerco
  • Field Guide to Birds/ National Geographic
  • Before the Change: Taking Charge/ Ann Louise Gittleman
  • Healing Oils: 500 Formulas/ Carol Schiller
  • Medicinal Herbs/ Rosemary Gladstar
  • My Social Media for Seniors/ Second Edition
  • Evil Wives/ John Marlowe
  • How the Brain Works/ Professor Pete Abrahams
  • Guide to Medicinal Herbs/ National Geographic
  • Complete Guide to Natural Home Remedies/ National Geographic
  • Weight Watchers: All Time Favorites
  • Get Set Sew/ Jane Bull’s
  • Paper Craft/ DK Publishing
  • Artist’s Painting Techniques/ DK Publishing
  • Crazy for You/ Michael Fleeman
  • Black Widower/ Michael Fleeman
  • Lying in Wait/ Ann Rule
  • Killing for You/ Keith Elliot
  • Trials of the Century/Mark Phillips
  • Murder Beyond the Grave/ James Patterson
  • Missoula/ Jon Krakauer
  • Nature Guide: Stars and Planets/ DK Publishing
  • 5 Love Languages of Teenagers/ Gary Chapman
  • Gamers Guide to Coding/ Gordon McComb
  • Teach Yourself Visually Office 2016
  • Sign Language Made Simple/ Karen Lewis
  • 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents/ Amy Morin
  • How to Write Anything/ Laura Brown
  • Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up/ Marie Kondo
  • Midwest Medicinal Plants/ Lisa Rose
  • Milk and Honey/ Rupi Kaur
  • The Princess Saves Herself/ Amanda Lovelace
  • Spanish English Bilingual Visually/ DK Publishing
  • Roberts Rules of Order/ Webster’s New World
  • German English Bilingual Visual/DK Publishing
  • Beginner’s Guide to Online Genealogy/ Michael Dunn
  • 2018 Guide to the Night Sky/ Storm Dunlop
  • Kitchen Hacks/ Cooks Illustrated
  • Always Hungry/David Ludwig
  • Help your Kids with Computer Coding/ DK Publishing
  • Digital Photographer’s Handbook/ DK Publishing
  • 5 Love Languages/ Gary Chapman
  • Knovels’ Antiiques and Collectables 2018
  • Guide to Human Critter Control/ Theresa Rooney
  • Mother Earth News/ Almanac
  • Complete Dog Breed Book/ DK Publishing
  • Complete Book of Home Organizing/ Toni Hammersley
  • Guide to Raising Chickens/ Storey’s
  • Healing Power of Coconut/ PIL Staff
  • Healthy Gut Cookbook/ Lindsay Boyers
  • 1000 Survival Hacks/ Alexander Stilwell
  • Science of Everything/ National Geographic
  • Aromatherapy for Natural Living/ Anne Kennedy
  • Doctors Favorite Natural Home Remedies/ Reader’s Digest
  • Boost You Immune System/ Cookbook
  • Bartending/ Maran Illustrated
  • 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos/ Jordan Peterson
  • The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse/ Dale Bredesen
  • When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing/ Daniel H. Pink
  • Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assa/ Ronen Bergman
  • The Myth of ADHD Child, Revised /Thomas Armstrong
  • Jackie, Janet, & Lee: The Secret Lives of Janet Auchincloss/ J Randy Taraborrelli
  • Brave/ Rose McGowan
  • Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions/ Russell Brand
  • The Easy Gluten-Free Cookbook/ Lindsay Garza
  • Estate Planning Basics/ Denis Clifford
  • Quick & Legal Will Book/ Denis Clifford
  • Waco/David Thibodeau
  • Instant Pot/ Sara Quessenberry
  • Mayo Clinic: The Menopause Solution/ Stephanie S Faubion
  • Singer: The Complete Guide/ Nancy Langdon
  • Breaking Cover: My Life in the CIA/ Michele Rigby Assad
  • Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business/ Gary Vaynerchuk

Children’s Non-Fiction New Titles

  • Abraham Lincoln/ Dk Biography
  • Thomas Jefferson/ Dk Biography
  • Benjamin Franklin/ Dk Biography
  • Albert Einstein/ Dk Biography
  • Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Vikings
  • Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Heroes for all Times
  • Helen Keller/ DK Biography
  • Where is Mount Rushmore? Who HQ
  • What was Pearl Harbor? Who HQ
  • Where is Alcatraz? Who HQ
  • What was the Lewis and Clark Expedition? Who HQ
  • Where is our Solar System? Who HQ
  • What were the Twin Towers? Who HQ
  • What is the Declaration of Independence? Who HQ
  • Who is Sacagawea? Who HQ
  • Brick Animals/ Lego
  • Brick Buildings/ Lego
  • Disney Who’s Who / Disney
  • Coding Projects in Scratch/ DK Publishing
  • Coding Games in Scratch/DK Publishing
  • 100 Backyard Activities/ Colleen Kessler
  • Life Hacks for Kids/ Sunny Keller
  • You can Draw Animals
  • Out of the Box/ Jemma Westing
  • Busting Boredom in the Great Outdoors/ Omoth
  • Busting Boredom with Art Projects/ Bonne
  • Busting Boredom with Experiments/ Swanson
  • Busting Boredom with Technology/ Omoth
  • Agricultural Drones/ Rose
  • Experimental Drones/ Leavitt
  • Military Drones/ Chandier
  • Recreational Drones/ Chandier
  • Investigating Earthquakes/ Elkins
  • Investigating Floods/ Elkins
  • Investigating Hurricanes/ Elkins
  • Investigating Tornadoes/ Elkins
  • Put on a Show with Cardboard & Duct Tape/ Manlapig
  • Eagles/ Hamilton
  • Falcons/ Hamilton
  • Hawks/ Hamilton
  • Owls/ Hamilton
  • Vultures/ Hamilton
  • Raptor Rescue/ Hamilton
  • The Challenging Lives of Cheetahs/ Reinke
  • The Frozen March of Emperor Penguins/ Reinke
  • The Incredible Monarch Butterflies/ Furstringer
  • The Dangerous Lives of Harp Seal/ Meinking
  • The Upstream Journey of Salmon/ Gulati
  • The Complex Lives of Meerkats/ Bell
  • The Threatened Lives of Chimpanzees/ Blakemore
  • The Amazing Social African Elephants/ Bell
  • Welcome to Badlands National Park/ Temple
  • Welcome to Death Valley National Park/ Cosson
  • Welcome to Denali National Park/ Hall
  • Welcome to Everglades National Park/ Higgins
  • Welcome to Glacier National Park/ Higgins
  • Welcome to Grand Canyon National Park/ Temple
  • Welcome to Grand Teton National Park/ Lobiecki
  • Welcome to Hawaii Volcanoes/ Temple
  • Welcome to Mount Rainier National Park/ Dell
  • Welcome to Redwood National and State Parks/ Cosson
  • Welcome to Yellowstone National Park/ Temple
  • Welcome to Yosemite National Park/ Dell
  • Constellations/ Goldsworthy
  • Eclipse/ Morrison
  • The Cardiovascular System/ Rose
  • The Digestive System/ Rose
  • The Nervous System/ Rose
  • The Muscular System/ Rose
  • The Respiratory System/ Rose
  • The Skeletal System/ Rose
  • Amazing Cardboard Tube Science/ Wheeler
  • Awesome Craft Stick Science/ Enz
  • Cool Plastic Bottle and Milk Jug Science/ Enz
  • Incredible Snack Package Science/ Enz
  • The Science of Natural Disasters/ Woolf
  • The Science of Oceans/ Macdonald
  • The Science of Rocks and Minerals/ Woolf
  • The Science of Weather/ Graham
  • The Civil Rights Movement/ Rhuday
  • The Cold War/Otfinoski
  • The Great Depression/ Otfinoski
  • Immigration & America/ Otfinoski
  • The Science of Acne and Warts/ Woolf
  • The Science of Poop and Farts/ Woolf
  • The Science of Scabs and Pus/ Graham
  • The Science of Snot and Phlegm/ Macdonald
  • The Civil War/ Otfinoski
  • The Vietnam War/ Otfinoski
  • World War I/ Otfinoski
  • World War II/ Otfinoski
Pre- School Story Time

Preschool Story Time  :

Story Time will be held at 10:30-11:00 on the second Monday of the month. The date will be chosen around school holidays or any other community event to better fit the needs of the community. If you have any questions about story time dates, please call the library at 679-2263.









Libray Board Members

Brittney Larson- President
Nyssa Stroschein- Vice President
Katie Vert- Treasurer
Cindy Capp -Secretary
Nancy Gullickson- City Council

Free State Park Passes Available Through Your Library
The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department and North Dakota State Library have expanded their State Park Pass Library Loan Program. Through this program, library patrons can check out a pass providing entrance to any North Dakota state park, effectively waiving the $5 daily pass fee. The lending period for each pass is 7 days, with a limit of 1 pass per household.
Book Club

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